Valour Does Not Wait


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This new book delves deep into the Prince’s mind, seeking to expose the motivations and talents of one of the 18th Century’s most extraordinary political figures. What persuaded a 24 year old exile that he could overthrow the British Government? Why did hard-headed strangers risk all that they had for him and his cause? How did he conquer armies and capture cities with almost no military experience? And then where did it all go wrong? Born from the author’s personal fascination with this exceptional character and his knowledge of the areas through which he campaigned, this new study explores how the 1745 Rising allowed the Prince to show off his greatest abilities, and how it affected his state of mind so deeply that it haunted the rest of his life. This is the story of a young man’s extraordinary achievements, of his hopes and ambitions, failures and torments. It is the story of the real Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the mission which first made, and then destroyed him.

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