Charles Edward Stuart’s victory at Prestonpans in 1745 was the first battle of the last Jacobite uprising. It was therefore a significant high-point for the Jacobites in a political and military movement which had begun as far back as 1688 when James VII & II had been forced from the throne of Great Britain and Ireland. The battle triggered an exceptional cultural legacy which has outlasted its military consequences and continues to this day; this is integral to our interpretation in Prestonpans.

But here at Prestonpans, we are also very much aware of the wider context of the battle in the longer story of the Jacobites. That story connects our battlefield to a huge range of people and places, and we are working to bring some of that network together into searchable and useable resources: Jacobite Scotland.

More than 70 sites and locations across Scotland have joined with us at Prestonpans to pool tagged details of their place in the Jacobite story. From this collation it is possible to suggest both geographic and thematic visitor trails. You could explore the Jacobite sites of the north-east of Scotland, for example, or locations connected with specific campaigns, or explore collections of portraiture, paintings, glassware, weaponry, or even literary references from Scott to Outlander. Jacobite Scotland will share publicity for events and activities, assist domestic and international tour groups and offer opportunities for schools to engender a deeper understanding of this era in the nation’s history as it is explored in the curriculum.

Further plans are also in hand to add locations from Jacobite England, Brittany, France, Italy, Ireland and North America in the years ahead.

To explore Jacobite Scotland, visit the website: