A bit of fun…

Our friend Sandy Panner (left) has created some fun activities which you are welcome to download for your children. Some are more challenging than others, so they cover a range of ages and abilities. Each sheet features some simple facts about the Prestonpans campaign which you could help your child to learn and remember.

Two activities are designed to support visits to (or online explorations of) the Prestonpans Tapestry. If you are not able to visit the Tapestry in person at one of its touring exhibitions, you can download the full slideshow here, or watch an animated film of the whole tapestry here.

All the activity sheets are free to download and you can use them as often as you like, just click on the links. If you want to save ink, set your printer to print in greyscale.


We love to see photos of people using them, so why not share the fun with us by sending us a picture on social media (@Prestonpans1745)?

AS1- The Prince ArrivesDownload

AS2- Gathering the TroopsDownload

AS3- Raising the ClansDownload

AS4- HighlanderDownload

AS5- Redcoat SoldierDownload

AS6- Riggonhead mazeDownload

AS7- The White CockadeDownload

AS8- Marking the VictoryDownload

 “Prestonpans Tapestry” activity sheets