Sir John Cope and the Rebellion of 1745


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A facsimile reprint (2008) of General Sir Robert Cadell’s posthumously published 1898 evaluation of Sir John Cope’s campaign and performance at the Battle of Prestonpans. Cadell brings to his account both his own extensive military experience (he served in the Crimea and India, latterly with the Royal [Madras] Artillery), and his direct knowledge of the battlefield. The Cadells were for many years a very important local family, living at Cockenzie House since the time of the battle, producing both industrial leaders and decorated military officers. The General himself was brought up on the battlefield about which he writes. General Cadell was one of the first writers to seriously attempt a rehabilitation of Cope’s reputation, seeking to assemble the often conflicting accounts and to evaluate them objectively as a senior military officer. He sought:

to give a simple narrative of events – all capable of proof – and thereby to show that song-writers, historians and devines have alike been unjust to a good and gallant officer.

This edition comes complete with a removable reproduction of a contemporary plan of the battle.

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