Anyone who has visited our museum recently might have noticed a bit of disruption. The good news is that it is all for a good cause!

Behind the stage in our main exhibition room, we’re turning the former kitchen into a more comfortable and user-friendly space for our volunteers and guest performers. The kitchen, suffering from out-dated and non-functioning facilities, was no longer fit for its original purpose nor suitable for any new one. Thanks in large part to a grant via East Lothian Council, we have been able to completely renovate the room so that it can become a behind the scenes base for our volunteers and a “green room” for performers at events.

Whilst the work is being done, things that were previously stored in the kitchen have been displaced – so please excuse any unsightly piles hidden (ineffectively) under canvas sheets! We’re also taking the opportuntity to clear out some of our storage spaces at the same time, so we’re braced for a few weeks of minor disorder. In addition we’ve had to temporarily close our Jubilee Room (where the Capturing the Capital exhibition is being shown), but getting that back open will be a priority.

This is all part of our plan to create lasting improvements to the Town Hall during our time here, and it will definitely be worth it. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!