Our first online lecture of 2021 was held on 18 March, on the subject of “Walter Scott’s Jacobite Fiction”. We were delighted to host a real expert on this subject, Dr Lucy Wood, who guided 96 live attendees through the early Jacobite inspirations which Scott was exposed to and the ways he presented the Jacobite cause in the novels Waverley, Rob Roy and Redgauntlet. This year, we are giving particular attention to the cultural legacy of the Battle of Prestonpans, so this subject was a wonderful opening to that theme. It was particularly fitting given that this year marks 250 years since the birth of Sir Walter, whose Waverley had a particularly significant impact on popular understanding of the battle in the 19th century. The feedback from the presentation was extremely positive, and the trustees extend their warmest thanks to Dr Wood. The talk has attracted over 920 views on Facebook since it took place, and the video will now be transferred to the Friends of the Prince members’ archive, along with our previous lecture series from 2020.

To find out more about the cultural legacy, you will be able to visit our special exhibition on this subject in Haddington from 7 August to 29 October.

Our next lecture will be held on 29 April, and will explore the industries and communities which made up the battlefield landscape before the residents’ lives were disrupted by the arrival of the armies in September 1745.