We are delighted to report that The Prestonpans Tapestry is now on public display at the Garioch Heritage Centre, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. More than a year after the exhibition was first due to open, the Centre’s doors have now reopened and we’ve been able to travel north to install the Tapestry. It will remain on display there until the beginning of August, giving you plenty of time to visit as often as you’d like!

To book tickets to see the exhibition, visit the centre’s website.

“But why Inverurie?” we hear you ask! In December 1745, whilst the main Jacobite army was returning to Scotland after its failed march on London, a smaller force of mainly east-coast Lowland Jacobites fought a small and often forgotten battle at Inverurie. Attacking over two river fords, the Jacobites assaulted a force of pro-government Highlanders who were attempting to push the Jacobites out of the north-east. With greater numbers and supported by regular French troops, the Jacobites successfully drove the Government forces through the town and out the other side. Although casualties on both sides were light, the engagement allowed the Jacobites to consolidate their position in a potentially rich-recruiting ground, preventing the Government from recovering the initiative in the north.

So Prestonpans and Inverurie were both the scenes of successful Jacobite attacks in 1745! As part of the exhibition at the Garioch Heritage Centre, a model of Inverurie as it appeared in 1745 is also on display.