Onward Journey




Cameron House at Loch Lochy is set ablaze by triumphant Hanovarian redcoats immediately after Culloden, and Lady Isabel Cameron is taken prisoner to Inverness.  In this compelling sequel to Sharon Dabell’s, A Backward Glance, the Clan’s few survivors, now led by Lady Isabel’s brother Sir Angus, seek her rescue.  This novel, characterised by the bravery shown in the face of Cumberland’s brutal repression of Highland life in 1746, is recounted by Lady Isabel’s personal main Elspeth, who explores the fear and desperation suffered by them all.  Yet throughout this agonising tale, love and lovalty boldly show their faces as the clan seeks firstly to survive the carnage and then to find a new life together.  Dare they hope that love can, after all, conquer even the most unspeakable evil?  Sharon Dabell once again demonstrates her deep understanding of why Highlanders rallied to the Standard of Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745, and of the price paid for their ultimate defeat at Culloden.  This and her earlier novel, are poignant and timely reminders of Scotland’s proud heritage.

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