The Jacobite victory at Nine Mile Bridge might have been small in scale, but it further increased the confidence of the Prince’s followers. Glenbucket’s small regiment soon joined Tullibardine, whose forces remained around Highbridge after the skirmish. On arrival, they rolled for their orders and were retained by Tullibardine as part of his army. The following week, by contrast, the Earl of Cromartie’s new regiment was directed to march immediately to join the Prince’s main army in the Lowlands.

Although the Jacobite army in Edinburgh had failed to make an impression on the mighty castle, lacking the heavy artillery needed to breach its walls or gates, the small garrison started to run out of supplies. With no hope of relief, the siege reached its final stage of daily die rolls and, after more than three weeks of blockade, the garrison rolled to surrender on 11 October 1745 (10 February 2023). The private soldiers went into captivity and the officers were granted parole. The Jacobites detached John Roy Stuart’s Edinburgh Regiment to garrison the castle, and some of its guns and mortars were drawn out to enhance the artillery train.

The fall of Edinburgh Castle presented the Jacobites with a range of potential opportunities, and a new poll began. Although there were votes in favour of marching on both Carlisle and Newcastle, and of sending the artillery north to Tullibardine, the clear majority favoured a siege of Stirling Castle. Accordingly, the Prince’s men marched out to threaten that stronghold, which refused the first surrender summons by unanimous vote. The siege commenced on 17 October 1745 (16 February 2023).

Meanwhile the Duke of Argyll successfully raised a small unit of militia in Argyll and assembled it an Inveraray Castle. The order roll directed this new unit to Glasgow, where upon their arrival they will be able to roll for the raising of a further militia. Together, they might create some distraction for the Jacobites on their western flank.

The Earl of Loudoun, eager to give the government some good news, has marched out of Inverness to intercept Cromartie’s regiment as it attempts to cross the Moray Firth. Alas, the intercept roll determined that his approach was detected, allowing Cromartie to meet him on good terms. It seems the stage was thus set for another confrontation in the Highlands…