Battle of Prestonpans 1745

Both armies are ready for battle!

The battle lasted some 9 minutes or so as the Redcoats were beaten back to the walls of Preston House

Redcoat infantry manage just one fusillade from their muskets which the Highlanders match then abandoning their muskets, Charge!


"This year's spectacular Parade, Encampment and Re-enactments were the highpoint of a year-round programme of activities by the Trust admirably led by Arran Johnston - in partnership with Scottish Battlefields Trust, VisitScotland and East Lothian Council. There is so much yet to achieve, not least a permanent presence in Prestonpans for our Living History Centre exhibiting our two magnificent tapestries, the late Andrew Hillhouse's fine paintings and so very much more we have it in hand " [Ed.]

Published Date: September 22nd 2018


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