Battle of Prestonpans 1745

Prestonpans 'Commemorates' the Prince's Victory .. more modest than of late!

New initiatives across the County mean that until 2018 the Pans will be commemorating rather than re-enacting!

The plans were announced long since, but this last weekend saw the reality - no re-enactment as we had come to expect since 2007. But there was a very great deal to see and learn from and do. As the poster below shows, there was much happening and off piste the Bankton Doo'cot, Gardner Molloy's sculptured tables and the APP are in a state of advanced aestivation!

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Walkers heard not only tales of Waggons but encountered wounded Highlanders [below] and Redcoats [above] in Bankton Doo'cot

... for the first time the Commemorations went to Tranent Church, where Gardiner was buried in 1745. The Battle Trust is expecting to install a plaque in the churchyard there early next year; and the traditional wreath laying took place at the 1745 Battle Cairn

Published Date: September 26th 2016


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